Cloud Assessments

Organisations are constantly creating new projects in the cloud or are merging old solutions into a SaaS. Many have ditched on-prem systems completely and now rely on services like Azure active directory instead.  

It would be a mistake to think that just because cloud providers handle the infrastructure, patching (to a degree) and other management tasks, that the platform must be secure.

Security is still very much up to the cloud architect and supporting teams to ensure that the cloud puzzle pieces are put together securely.

Of course, if they are not, attackers will take advantage of these gaps and this could lead to a data breach.

Whether it’s unrestricted services due to unhardened security groups or an AWS developer user that can escalate their permissions to AWS Admin, we have you covered, talk to us.

Cloud Insider Threat

As an organisation, you might consider scenario testing for something like a stolen corporate laptop. However, have you ever considered stolen AWS, Azure or other cloud credentials? Often cloud projects tie into important internal networks and systems and should an attacker gain access to an account with access, what could be the outcome? Another example might be your development team. Often developers leave hardcoded credentials, sensitive artifacts and much more saved within their DevOps environment. What happens if their cloud credentials are stolen? What happens if a developer goes rogue?

Grizzly recognises these threats are are equip to help discover these flaws before the real attackers can. Talk to us today!

Cloud Audit

If your cloud footprint is small and an insider threat is likely to be overkill, you may consider a cloud audit instead. 

Rather than looking for privilege escalation pathways with a pre-determined aim of reaching a specific goal, a cloud audit takes a higher level view.

Grizzly will be provided with a security reader or administrator cloud account and one by one, will manually audit your cloud environment.

You can expect us to find issues such as misconfigurations, sensitive data storage, flawed services or cloud logic and more. 

Let Grizzly harden your cloud. Talk to our experts today!

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