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Grizzly is a cyber security consulting vendor that aims to provide only the most knowledgeable and certified security experts to our clients. Our ethos is continuous learning and development and we give our experts 'bench time' to do just that.

We value time. When you will talk to us, you will speak directly with an expert. We don't have sales staff to waste your time with pre-sales calls. Our aim is simple, to help you secure your assets and provide real impactful findings, in a timely manner.

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Why Grizzly Cyber Security?

We genuinely care.

Many traditional security companies have become stagnant and their employees are overworked and burned out because the expectations are back to back client engagements and report generation.  

We are not a report production line. We believe in a new generation of cyber security experts. We only hire individuals who are eager to continuously learn and as such, we give our experts the appropriate ‘bench time’ to keep sharpening their skills. 

This means that you will engage with our consultants who have the freshest, most up to date security minds in the market.


We don't waste time.

So often, companies employ sales staff to reach out to potential clients and place them into a sales pipeline. We don’t do this.

We value your time and from the get go, you will speak to a technical expert who can communicate and understand your needs right away.

This removes the need for additional discussions which cause delays.  

We notice the good practice.

Alongside any issues that were found during an engagement, our reports always include a section on the good practices that were seen.

We believe good practice is something that should also be called out.

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