About us

High standards, fresh minds

The Grizzly Way.

Grizzly Cyber Security was established to bring a new mindset to cyber security. Both for those that require testing and those that conduct it.  

Those that require testing 

The engagement process is simple. No dealing with sales people who have little knowledge of what you actually need and no pointless calls. 

Simply fill out a scoping form and our experts will follow up with any relevant questions. From here, we can begin our engagement.

Those that conduct testing

The Grizzly team consists entirely of experts who are experienced and eager to continuously learn in this ever evolving field. We give our experts bench time after engagements to ensure they can learn, relax and be ready for the next engagement. We are hyper-aware of the rate of burnout in consulting and we will not let this affect our deliverables. 

Grizzy Cyber Security

Let's work together.